Shorefront Seeking Local African-American History

Did you grow up on the North Shore? You know, anywhere from Evanston north through Lake Forest? Shorefront is looking for your films capturing African American lives, activities, events, miscellaneous moving pictures depicting every day life for transferring and archiving. Think about all of the formats you may have — VHS, Super VHS, BETA, Super Beta, 8mm Tape, Hi-8, DIGITAL 8, Mini DV Tape, 8mm Film, Super 8 Film, 16mm Film — all may be hiding in your closets, attics and basement.

These films are a piece of a bigger puzzle in documenting the African American experience on the North Shore. Shorefront hopes you will consider donating or lending for transfer, your families home movies for use in telling the whole story of our local history.

Shorefront is located at 2010 Dewey Avenue, Evanston, Illinois. Contact us at or 847-864-7467.

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