Playful Parenting: Fall 4-Part Workshop – Music Institute of Chicago

Playful Parenting: Fall 4-Part Workshop Institute for Therapy through the Arts
Thursdays from 6-7:30 pm
1702 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, IL

ART ~ Color Outside the Lines
September 26

Parents will engage in artmaking with their children. Informed by the stages of creative development, families will practice specific visual art processes to use with their child(ren). Families will be given the opportunity to explore various materials such as watercolor paint, pastels, markers, found objects (think paper towel tubes, yarn and buttons) as well as child friendly, mess free clay. They will be provided with support and structure through this exploration and will learn various strategies for how and when to
get non-verbal.”

MUSIC ~ Put it in a Song
October 3
Learn about the various stages of musical development and how children experience music at different ages. Find out why children learn and remember songs so easily and discover ways songs can make your life much easier! Then, families get ready to move to the music as they experience ways to stimulate the whole brain through multiple senses.
*Note: The first half hour of this workshop will be for parents only, and free childcare will be provided. Families will come together to make music for the last hour.

DANCE ~ Dance, Move, Grow
October 10
In this interactive session, parents will learn how dance and movement enhances child development and enriches family life. Parents and children will participate in movement based activities and games to highlight the importance of non-verbal communication while creatively connecting to the body, mind and spirit.

DRAMA ~ Save the Drama for Your Mama (’cause she likes it too!)
October 17
“I can’t follow these stories my child comes up with. I’m a practical person. I’m not an actor.” Any of this sound familiar? Whether you feel comfortable or awkward about joining in play with your child, this workshop will provide a framework for greater understanding what is happening when your child enters into play. Learn techniques for establishing a playspace, negotiating how much – or how little – structure is needed based on the needs of your child, providing parental guidance by following rather than leading, and managing transitions.

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