School Gardens & Wellness Policy – Tues. Feb. 18

Did you know . . .

  • Students can no longer do a fresh tasting from the food they have grown in their school garden?
  • PTA sponsored events must have a person certified at the same level and cost as a restaurant if the food is to be sold or served to the community?

Are you confused about what the rules truly are? Are you frustrated how this has
impacted wellness initiatives at your school and added costs to your PTA?

Michele Hayes (Wellness Council) and Lynn Hyndman (SAGE School Gardens) have been actively working with the city and D65 administration to try to develop a solution that both considers the safety of the children as well as goals of the Wellness Council and PTA.

Lynn will also be sharing new garden activities related to wellness initiatives.

Then this is your chance to come and share your cares and concerns with the
City Health Department. Please encourage your parent community to come
to this PTA Council meeting, Tuesday, February 18th, 7:00pm, Orrington School, 2636 Orrington Ave.

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