Dae Dae World Weekend 2014 – Sept. 19 & 20

DaeDaeWorld Weekend was created in 2013 to honor the life of Dajae Coleman. DaeDaeWorld Weekend seeks to nurture one of Dajae’s most valued infrastructures: Family. To emphasize the importance of the greater community being actively engaged as part of the “extended family”, DaeDaeWorld Weekend’s activities are designed to appeal to and include the broadest possible audience.

This year’s theme is “Living Well is Essential to Your Potential” and will feature exciting activities like: family skating; face painting; arts & crafts; fitness and dance classes; team challenges that will test your mental and physical agility; and a rematch between Dae Dae’s Disciples and Team Old School at the crowd pleasing DC3 E-Town Ballers Basketball Game. You won’t want to miss out on the fun!!

See a schedule and list of activities

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