Help an Evanston Family in Need

10409101_10154605499655290_2056460588031267731_nFrom Juliet Bond, director of COPE:

For the past four years, COPE has helped families struggling with illnesses, deaths and other temporary hardships. Last week, we said a heartbreaking goodbye to a friend and mother of four children (with students at Haven and Kingsley Schools), Robyn Randolph. Her family has allowed us to share her story with you in an ongoing effort to raise monies for the COPE illness fund. Robyn and the children had been staying with family in Gary, Indiana last week when she was walking to a local convenience store and was hit by a drunk driver.

Robyn was a single mother. The children’s grandmother, Lily, is in need of assistance for funeral costs and other financial support as she assumes the care of Robyn’s four children.

If you can help, please support our community-wide efforts to bring comfort and support to families like these by donating to the COPE Illness Fund. You can donate online at our website or send a check to “COPE Illness Fund” c/o Juliet Bond 1711 Harrison St. Evanston.

The music that accompanies the video on our website is a recording of a solo that Robyn sung for our community COPE concert this June. It had been a lifelong dream of Robyn’s to sing in front of an audience. As we drove her home afterwards, tears streaked her face as she cried, “I am so grateful. You have no idea how much that meant to me. I am so proud that I did that! Thank you.”

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