Northwestern Research Study Seeking Participants

Northwestern Univ. is looking for research study participants – children who are “emerging readers”, approx. age 4-5. Participants are needed during the week of Sept. 15.

The research study is called: The effects of private speech on reading comprehension in emergent readers, (STU00095658) that is currently being conducted in Dr. Karl Rosengren’s Cognitive Development Laboratory in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University.

The study is looking at how reading silently or aloud influence children’s reading comprehension. This research study that consists of a reading activity with your child. The activity should take about 30-45 minutes and will take place in the lab.

Additionally, with parental consent, they will audio and video record your child during the reading tasks. The audio and video recordings are essential to the research study and will only be accessible to a select few people in the lab.

Once the activity is completed, you will be compensated $20 for your time. If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions please contact Lola Less ( or call (847)-467-3200.

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