District 65 Math is FUNdamental Program Seeks Tutors

Math Fluency Tutors Needed!

Do you like math and want to help young students learn how fun and useful mathematical concepts can be? If so, please consider becoming a math fluency tutor for the:

D65 Math is FUNdamental Program

What is Math is FUNdamental? This District 65 pilot program trains volunteers to lead first grade students while they play games focused on math fluency.
The volunteer will coach a group of 3-4 students as they play math games to practice their math facts and provide reinforcement of math strategies and D65 math curriculum.

Why Math Fluency and Games? Research shows while “mastery of basic facts is foundational for becoming mathematically proficient” rote memorization often proves ineffective. Math-based games harness children’s enthusiasm for play to create opportunities for “meaningful practice.” Game play naturally provides the repetition and student reasoning necessary to master math facts.

How Can I Volunteer and What are the Requirements?

Do you like math and are comfortable with numbers?

Are you available to volunteer once a week for 45 minutes during schools hours (9-3:30) from February through May? We match you to a classroom based on your availability and the teacher’s math block.
Are you willing to provide feedback about the pilot during an additional training session held in early April and via survey at the end of the year? Ideally, would you be able to return for the 2015-2016 school year to help this pilot program grow?

If so, then please plan to attend a training session Tuesday, January 27th from 9:30-11 am in the JEH Building Boardroom. 1500 McDaniel Evanston.

Questions or to RSVP: Contact Michelle Mehlis, Math is FUNdamental Program Manager at fluencytutors or 847-971-3856.

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