Mudpie Submission Deadline Extended to Feb. 1, 2015

Mudlark Theater Companymudlark is making another Mudpie – a show shaped and molded from original pieces written by kids in the community. We’re looking for anything (short stories, poems, original fairy tales, personal rants, reflections, etc.) that we can bring to life on stage. The pieces that are selected will be performed this spring by a group of kids (ages 9-14). Children whose stories are selected for Mudpie will get complimentary tickets to the show(s) and receive official recognition in the show program and press release.

Mudpie Submission Guidelines:
Children (ages 6-16) are free to submit something from their past or write something new. Stories can be any length and about any topic. We only ask that they consist of entirely original characters (i.e., no stories about Harry Potter or Percy Jackson). Any pieces that draw heavily from the real life experiences of the author, however, are welcome and appreciated. Finally, we are looking for stories written entirely by kids. Adults should not co-write, edit, or even correct their children’s stories.

Please be sure to include:
1) Your child’s name
2) His or her grade level
3) The name of your child’s school
4) Your name (or the name of the child’s parents)
5) Contact information, including a home or cell phone number and email address

How to Submit:
Stories can be emailed as text in the body of an email or they can be sent as an attachment to They may also be snail mailed to the following address: Mudlark Theater Company, 1417 Hinman, Evanston, IL 60201.

If you have any questions, please contact Mudlark Headquarters at 847.448.0708

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 1st, 2015

Sign up to audition for Spring shows.
Auditions will take place on January 26th and January 28th. Callbacks will be Saturday, January 31st. The audition sign-up form will be available January 5th. For more information about the audition process, click here!

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