Playcation – Weds. Oct. 7

unnamedEver heard of a school improvement day?  Isn’t every day a school improvement day?  Regardless, for students in 3rd-6th grades, it means a half day at school – WE KNOW IT’S KINDA AWESOME!   And instead of wondering what to do with your time, Piccolo is offering a Playcation!  it’s absolutely what it sounds like – 2 hours to be goofy, play games, and have fun on your half day off!  It’s like going on a cruise, or adventuring into a foreign land, or wild-riding at a theme park – only it costs less, is right here in Evanston, and involves creativity and laughter with two feet on the ground!
To sign up, call Director of Education Tony Lawry at 847.328.2204, or email at Color your day outside the lines, and take a Playcation!

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