Blocks, Stickers, and Jigsaw Puzzles – Weds. Sept. 16

Blocks, Stickers, and Jigsaw Puzzles: Building Computational Literacy Skills for our ‘Next-Gen’ ScientistsEvanstonScience
with Michael Horn, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Learning Sciences; School of Education and Social Policy; McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
6:30 – 8:00pm
The Firehouse Grill
750 Chicago Avenue    Evanston

The nature of science is changing. More than ever scientists use sophisticated computational tools and massive amounts of data to pursue research that was unimaginable a generation ago. From genome sequencing to searching for planets beyond our solar system, computation has become an indispensable tool. But these profound changes in the nature of science also raise important questions about how we should go about preparing the next generation of researchers, engineers, teachers, and policy makers:

  • How can our various educational institutions (including schools, museums, and out-of-school programs) do a better job reflecting the computational nature of modern science?
  • By using computational tools how can science become more satisfying and effective for our youth?
  • How do we engage broad and diverse audiences in a computational future?

Hear how Mike Horn and his team of artists, learning scientists, and computer scientists design museum exhibits and classroom materials across the U.S. to support computational literacy. His work has been displayed at the Boston Museum of Science, the Field Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Computer History Museum.




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