Northwestern Heart Study Seeks 8th Graders

NU HeartThe “My World, My Heart” study aims to better understand various risk factors for cardiovascular disease that may begin to emerge in teens.

What we know:

  • Many mechanisms that give rise to heart disease begin in childhood.
  • By adolescence, increasing numbers of American youth display risk factors for heart disease.
  • Early risk factors and pre-clinical signs of heart disease are more prevalent in lower income, compared to higher income, adolescents.
  • And yet, we know little about why these disparities emerge and how they unfold developmentally in youth.

Ultimately, we want to understand what helps adolescents develop successfully and keeps them healthy, as they transition into adulthood. This knowledge will help us begin to address the health-related inequality that exists between youth growing up in high- versus low-income households.

Eligibility for participation:

  • Healthy 8th graders (must be in or entering 8th grade)
  • Children can also participate the summer before starting high school (9th grade)
  • No permanent metal braces or retainer

Our two-year study involves:

  • Two 3.5-hour visits to our research center at Northwestern University in downtown Evanston
  • Two one-hour brain scans at a Northwestern research facility in downtown Chicago
  • Sleep & activity monitoring via a Fitbit wristband
  • Phone calls every six months for two years
  • Compensation, with families earning up to $450

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