Project on Children’s Thinking at Northwestern

poctDoes your child like to play games? Are you interested in how children think?

If so…check out the Project on Children’s Thinking at Northwestern University!

The Project on Children’s Thinking, headed by Dr. Dedre Gentner, studies the development of children’s thought and language. We study how children come to know about the world, with a focus on how their growing insight into linguistic and conceptual structures influences their patterns of learning and reasoning.

One major focus of our research is how children come to learn about spatial relations and how this understanding affects their reasoning. We also study how language can help children think relationally at a younger age than they might otherwise.

Many parents are interested in knowing what we are discovering in our research. We will gladly provide summaries of the studies in which your child participates. Each year we send out a newsletter to all the participating families that summarizes our findings over the past year.

Currently we are seeking children between 1-4 years of age to participate. For more information about our lab or to sign up to participate, please visit our website:

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