Tech Conference for Girls Grades 6-9 – Sat. April 16

AAUW Tech Savvy Conference at Oakton Community College, April 16, 2016, 8.30 am – 4.00 pm.

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AAUW Tech Savvy is a daylong science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career conference designed to attract girls in sixth through ninth grade to these fields and to inform families about STEM education and careers. The Chicagoland AAUW Tech Savvy Conference to be held at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines on Saturday April  16, 2016 is based on a similar conference held successfully at the University of Buffalo for the last nine years.

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To learn more about Tech Savvy on the AAUW Tech Savvy National Site click here.

Download the tech savvy flyer: Tech Savvy Flyer April 16, 2016.

These are the workshops we are providing on April 16, 2016:

Tech Savvy Sessions:  Girls should pick 3 workshops:

  1. Creations in 3D   Use a 3-D doodler to make it your own 3D printed jewelry charm.
  2. It’s Electric   Be a design engineer and build a battery-powered car while exploring the physics of simple circuits and wiring diagrams.
  3. DNA: Life’s Blueprint Discover the link between DNA and heredity. We will extract DNA from a strawberry and discuss what it does.
  4. Neuroscience of sleep All of our senses involve the brain, including sleep, so we’ll learn about our brains and sleep.
  5. Nanotechnology   Explore the common materials used to make solar cells, and assemble these cells into a solar panel.
  6. Architecture and Design Thinking   Come sketch and interact with a 3D architectural modeling computer program.
  7. Robotics   Build and remote control a Lego Robot.
  8. Create Your Own App   Use the MIT App Inventor to design your own app!
  9. Vertebrate Paleobiology   Examine fossils, using them to reconstruct an ancient ecosystem.
  10. Roller Coaster Physics – Energy in Motion Make energy transform into motion and observe how a roller coaster moves from potential to kinetic energy.
  11. Airplanes are Awesome Come build and fly your own airplane.
  12. Infrared Astronomy: More than Your Eyes Can See Learn how NASA astronomers use the SOFIA telescope to see beyond the visible light spectrum into infrared. Build your own infrared detector and “listen to light”. Learn how to use infrared light to power your cell phone and more.

Savvy Skills Afternoon Workshop: Girls can pick ONE

  1. Assertiveness 101    No one can live your life but you.  Role play and practice taking action for yourself.
  2. Leading Leaders   Mindfulness techniques can help you become more aware of your emotions and gain control of your life.
  3. What does your Selfie say about you? A Self-Empowerment workshop to build up your own self-esteem.
  4. Having Fun with Public Speaking Building confidence in public speaking by participating in fun activities that require speaking in front of the group.
  5. Making Ideas Become Real Enhance your creativity and learn to use your gray matter.
  6. Move for Life! The Nia experience is a blend of yoga and dance to strengthen your body and spirit. Nia is a powerful, joyous and creative movement practice. A fusion of dance, martial arts, and healing arts. It is a body-mind-spirit celebration.
  7. Leadership Skills Learn about your abilities and find the leader in you.
  8. Finding Power in Who You Are Your identity, your struggles, and your story are essential parts of who you are. Find power and strength through them.
  9. Dealing with stress  Defining and evaluating personal strategies for managing stress/crises.
  10. Go Team! Come and enjoy some fun games to improve your communication skills. Impress your peers with these amazing relationship building techniques.

PARENT TECH SAVVY SKILLS : Workshops: Parents can choose TWO

  1. Social Media Use of Social Media and how it can affect your kids.
  2. Assertiveness 101 No one can live your life but you. Role play and practice taking action for yourself.
  3. Scholarships Discover what scholarships are out there and how to help you prepare and apply for them.
  4. Create an App Use the MIT App inventor to design your own app!

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