Opportunities at The Musical Offering

Special opportunity for ETHS jazzers! Sharpen your jazz skills at The Musical Offering — For both ETHS audition prep or simply for fun.

Coffeehouse Jazz Combos

Teacher Tim O’Donnell is adding the Coffee House Jazz Combos open to guitarists, bassists (standup or electric), pianists/keys, drums, horns, woodwinds, and vocalists. Combos would consist of three to six members depending on the instruments and would focus on learning Classic Jazz standards and improvisation. Participants should have a minimum of 2 years playing and know how to play major scales in multiple keys. Tim also has a Chicago Blues Combo in the works which is more ideal for electric guitars, electric bassists, as well as vocalists and drummers.

These combos are ideal for people who have been playing awhile and just want to try going to the next level by playing simple arrangements in a group setting and a great introduction to improvising. More details as fall registration gets underway or contact The Musical Offering at www.themusicaloffering.org.

Tim O’Donnell also offers the popular “Plugged In And Live” rock and blues program for students ages 12-adult. Rock out at the MO–Evanston’s own community music school!


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