I’m hungry for 88카 a used car
The fine dust has slowed down since early spring this spring.And for a while, eventually, fine dust from China's feet.It's coming back! Well, thank God.The only thing we can do is to prevent the infection of the infection.The way you're wearing a mask, you're not going to be able to see?It's also good for blocking. […]

The fine dust has slowed down since early spring this spring.

And for a while, eventually, fine dust from China's feet.

It's coming back! Well, thank God.

The only thing we can do is to prevent the infection of the infection.

The way you're wearing a mask, you're not going to be able to see?

It's also good for blocking. sad

It's also real. I have bronchial tubes or skin

They're all sensitive. It's a headache. The virus.

I wish the world would come fast without any harmful substances.

That would be great~ No matter where we go,

Sometimes I can't do it. These days,

I'm so frustrated about it that I'd rather have my own car.

I'm searching for something to find out.

We consider practicality among them.

I thought the suv line would be good.

Among them, I'd like to recommend Kia Niro to a secondhand company.

It was on the trend, so I took a look at it.

Most of all, it's already the 2020 model year.

I'm telling you that you're accepted because you're with me.

I wanted to do it. First of all, it's a search.

I've seen other bung-boongs, and I've decided.

I couldn't get off. Leave it.

I'm sorry that it's done, so I'll talk about it.

It's a good black color for anyone to choose.

The design was much more beautiful than I thought. I

Because my friend used to lead me white.

I've seen the white color so many times. But

I can't believe I'm seeing you in black.

I was surprised. Just the placement of the headlights and fog lights.

How can the atmosphere be so different with

I wanted to do it. It was so quick to get angry.

Between the headlamps, the radiator grille is completely intact.

It was in black. 88카 Separate the gaps.

It was just a little bit of chrome molding.

It was almost all black.

It was an unexpected visual, and the heat.

It doesn't pile up too much internally. It just falls out.

I thought I could go out.

Bottom that gathers in the middle like an inequality sign

The details, the details, the perfection of the facades, nothing.

It didn't fall off. Just by looking at the wheels of the tires,

Doesn't it feel like I've never seen it's my first time seeing it.

when it became possible, it was designated as an irregular line.

I thought I had one, but I thought I had one.

It wasn't exactly the case when I met him.Hah!

There's been regular patterns, but everywhere.

The wheel lines that can't be seen also attract attention.

I don't think it's a secondhand ride with a guinea just for the Kia.

I thought it was too much. a load chart

It's been a long time, and even more so this year.

I've got a very practical preference for suvs.

I've heard the story, and I've been facing it like this.

And when you see it, you'll see it in a convincing way.

He was with me, even if he was driving alone.

I thought it'd be nice, and my family was on a good ride.

free from the assumption of going around

I thought it would be good to remember the current situation.

The engine room was also well maintained.

When I first came across the interior, it was very...

I was surprised by the burgundy color.

I was showing you. There's a difference between likes and dislikes.

It could be, but in my personal opinion,

The owner of the car is very design-wise.

I thought he was outstanding. So

I wonder if he was on Niro. Anyway.

Inside, we're going to have luxury options and gadgets.

We could face each other. Especially Noblesse.

Specialty, securing top grade trims

It was already set, so it came to me differently.

The room mirror with the high pass is set.

It's still there. It's a big trip down there.

It's built in. It's automatic.

The connected air conditioner and heater stood out.

All the buttons are lit in red.

It was expressed to be noticeable even at night.

The transmission of the Auto Mission also has a transmission perpendicular to the gearbox.

It was positioned. Down here.

The buttons aren't messy, they're organized in a nutshell.

I'd like to say that I liked it because it was there.

The indoor air wasn't stuffy and it was very clean.

It's very cold, but just in case, the air conditioner...

I've played it before. I've turned on the heater.

I've made comparisons. as luck would have it

I don't think it's a problem. It's a pleasant thing.

It's temperature controlled to make me think. ^^

There's a heat wave, and I've run it, uh,

The temperature was quickly getting warmer.

It's perfect for winter, so it's almost essential now.

I think it's become a line of passion

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