Parent Assistance, Education & Advocacy

Playdates & Meetups

Facebook Groups

  • Raising Children in Evanston
    How do we define success? How do we achieve balance in our homes, schools, and communities? Inspired by the movie Race to Nowhere, organize and take action to preserve childhood for our children in Evanston.
  • District 65 Parents
    A group for parents of students in Evanston/Skokie District 65 or for those interested in following D65.

  • ETHS Parents
    A group for parents of students attending Evanston Township High School.
  • Evanston CASE Parent Connections
    A private group for Evanston parents of children and teens with special needs. Share resources, ask questions, receive and provide support with others navigating the special education system.
  • Evanston Mamas
    This is a place where Evanston Mamas can share ideas, concerns, questions and build community. You can post services to share or offer, events that you think other mamas might like to know about, freecycle stuff here, maybe even meet another mama in your ‘hood that you never knew was there!
  • Evanston Foster Families
    This group connects people who are interested in foster care in the Evanston area, including current, past, and prospective foster parents, foster children, adoptive families, and people who work in the child protection system.

Other Sites

  • Nextdoor – Evanston Neighborhoods
    Buy/sell items; find or advertise for babysitters; etc.