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Unity Soccer Festival and Family Event – Sat. July 16

Come out Saturday, July 16 to Kamen Park 10am-2pm for fun for everyone! After an exciting Copa America, it’s a great time to celebrate “The Beautiful Game.” Enjoy fun and food with this event for the whole family! Click here for more information.

4 on 4 games for adults in three different brackets will play. Please register by Sunday, July 10! We’re looking forward to a great festival.

Register Your Team Now!

3 on 3 teams can register using the link above. Don’t wait, registration closes Sunday! There are age brackets for 30, 40 and 50 year olds. All proceeds go to the Ridgeville Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization to support programming.

Five Day Soccer Camp – June 20-24

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Lil’ Kickers Soccer Program

Evanston Spring class schedule flyer


First Annual 3 on 3 Soccer Festival – Sat. July 18

This is a family friendly event. Although the partipants will all be adult men and women, kids are encouraged to come watch. There will be live music following the games (approximately 5pm) as well as culinary delights from Hummingbird Food truck.

Mission: The Goals are not the Goal!
The purpose of this festival is to celebrate the beautiful game of soccer and to celebrate the diverse group of people who play the game. Everyone who plays is a winner. Score will not be kept and there will not be referees. Everyone will play the same number of games. The tournament will provide a great opportunity to bring friends, family, and neighbors together to enjoy a festive day of soccer, food, and music.

Ages: All players must be the appropriate age for the age group you are playing in. There will be three different age brackets (30+, 40+, and 50+).

Uniforms: Ridgeville will not provide team jerseys. Teams are responsible for wearing some sort of unified color. Pennies will be available for teams who wear conflicting colors.

Number of Players per Team: There is no maximum, but teams should show up with no less than four players. A healthy roster has five-six players. Extra players are required to ensure that games can continue if unexpected absences occur.

Game Duration: 20 minutes straight. No halftime break. Every team is guaranteed at least three games.

Substitution: Subs must come on at midfield and can happen any time the ball goes out of bounds or there is a stoppage of play.

Kick offs: Kick offs may be kicked in any direction. Ball must be over the mid-line to score. No throw ins, all balls are kicked in from the sidelines. All kicks are indirect. Players must move 5 yards away from any indirect kick.

The Goal Box: No one allowed in the goal box area. If ball stops moving in box, the defensive team can get it. Please do not play “goalie” and hang out in front of your goal. That is not in the spirit of the game.

Slide Tackles: Absolutely NO slide tackles.

Fees: $50 per team.

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

Festival Chair:
Elliott Hurtig

Kamen East and Kamen West Park (South Blvd, in between Ridge and Asbury)

All proceeds from this event will support the Ridgeville Cultural Development Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. To read more about the foundation, please click here!

Click here to register your team!


AYSO Soccer Registration

Registration for the 2015/16 season is open through June 15th, 2015 at www.evanstonsoccer.org They have financial assistance available and there is a shoe exchange at the start of each season. Everyone plays!

AYSO Soccer Registration Begins May 1

Registration for Evanston AYSO soccer begins May 1 and goes through June 15.  There will be a $25 discount for registering by May 15, and a $15 multi-player discount for siblings.  Financial Assistance is available. The season will run from August 30th to October 25th in the Fall and TBD in the Spring. All info and a registration link at www.evanstonsoccer.org.  AYSO is a fully volunteer-run organization, so coaches and refs are always needed (and training is provided).

Please contact Frank Barbaro (barbarof@gmail.com or 224-420-2275) if you have questions.

AYSO Soccer for Kids with Special Needs

Dear parents,

I want to thank you for expressing your interest in Evanston AYSO expanding its VIP soccer program for kids with special needs.  The initial response to our survey has been very encouraging.  The preliminary findings showed the broadest interest among families with children between the ages of 5-8.  It is this age group that we would like to focus on first for an initial program this fall.  Once we are up and running and interest grows, we hope to expand to other age groups as well.

There are a number of administrative steps we are currently working on to launch for the fall season.  This includes the necessary training for VIP coaches, and outreach to ETHS and Northwestern to secure volunteer ‘buddies’ to work with the children each week.

Once we have some more specifics on the fall season, we’d like to hold an informational meeting for all interested families.  Please stay tuned for details later in the summer.  In the meantime, please feel free to share the survey with other families who you think may be interested in participating:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6ZMK25P.

Thanks again for your interest in Evanston AYSO VIP!

Brian King

AYSO Soccer – For Kids and Parents

Beginning July 1st, you may submit your registration at www.eayso.org to be placed on a waitlist. You will be placed on a team if a roster spot becomes available.

August Referee Training
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Referee training will be held August 16-18 in Glenview. See details on the August 2013 Referee Training page.

Volunteers Needed
Interested in Volunteering in Another Capacity?: Depending on your schedule, we could use volunteers for equipment distribution, shoe exchange, coach bag prep, coach kick-off night. See details on Volunteers Needed page.

Remember, AYSO is an all volunteer organization. We don’t work if parents are not involved. If you are interested please Contact Us or send a note to the Regional Commissioner at commissioner@evanstonsoccer.org

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