It’s the biggest difference from traditional massage!
I really like Baekhyun-dong Cafe Street.Among them, my favorite goal is I'm home.There's a really good bingsu restaurant.It's hard to visit Corona these days, but I used to hang out with Hee a lot before.Goeun Collagen that I saw while walking on Baekhyun-dong Cafe Street after eating shaved ice.I've always been in pain, so I've […]

I really like Baekhyun-dong Cafe Street.

Among them, my favorite goal is I'm home.

There's a really good bingsu restaurant.

It's hard to visit Corona these days, but I used to hang out with Hee a lot before.

Goeun Collagen that I saw while walking on Baekhyun-dong Cafe Street after eating shaved ice.
I've always been in pain, so I've searched everywhere in the management shop.

I'm the type to save it in a memo.

It is called Pangyo Skin Care Shop, which is different from the massage that I usually received at that time,

I've written it down in anticipation.

I had a great opportunity to visit you this time!

It looks so neat but it's a friendly style, so I was looking forward to it!

I've seen all the comments about the kind CEO and the meticulous CEO.

I was looking forward to it as much as the sky.

It's a shop that manages one person at about the same time, so you don't have to run into anyone else.

Most of all, it's touching.

I thought I should be more careful to take off my clothes.

It's so nice to be doing this well at Pangyo 안양 마사지 Skin Care Shop.

(In addition, contactless thermometer!!!)

Sitting down, he gave me a warm cup of tea.

He always gives me a different car, but I was told it was a fruit car today.

I looked around for a warm cup of tea, and there was an event.

1. When managing face packages, a 30 percent discount event.. I really want it.

Whenever I have this kind of event, I always think of Hee. He will really like it if my brother gets it.

Basic face care is free when purchasing products over 100,000 won!

Actually, the oil used here is very different, and it's not just skidding oil that you use in a normal massage shop.

So I thought I wanted to buy it, but it was so interesting to hear that it was free to take care of my face.

3. Special management

Pangyo Skin Care Shop is offering a 15 percent discount for gold therapy or two people!

When I said gold, I thought it was definitely premium management.

If you have any other questions, please add Goeun Collagen as a Plus Talk friend.

The kind boss will tell you everything!

That's what I did when I was told.

Inside the Goeun Collagen Shop, there's a whole bunch of them.

The history of the boss...

They're all pericardium, fascia, lymphatic awards, certification cards.

I was really looking forward to it before I went into full-scale care.

I really liked the fitting room and the massage room.

First of all, it is very rare to have a bathroom inside Pangyo Skin Care Shop.
Goeun Collagen has a bathroom inside.

I had the advantage of being able to get a massage or care and go without panic even if I wanted to go in the middle.
It's Nath's pillow!

Before we get started,

The kind explanation of the boss...

How it's gonna go, how it's gonna go. by saying that...

Before I started to take care of the mitral muscles, I felt relaxed, starting with warming up.
It's a mitral massage, but it's a prejudice that you're only going to relax your shoulders!

From the ankle to the skull, he knew what his entire body was doing.

I don't understand why you've been telling me this.

I wondered if he was getting a shoulder massage because his shoulder was hurting.

Deep muscles are said to be able to release warm, relaxed body conditions.

So on a cold winter day, when muscle tension is high, you can reach deep muscles well.

He warmed himself up first.

And then he started lymphatic management.

These days, it's not like you're in pain and you're pushing it down.

It's popular to help the whole body circulate by releasing a bunch of lymph nodes.

I feel like I'm losing strength as I start to solve the lymph footer between my neck and head.

I felt like I was flying in the sky.
from the back to below the pelvis

He's been working on releasing the mitral muscle.

It's nice to receive such professional care at Pangyo Skin Care Shop.

We're going to explain why the muscles are tight and why the body's going to get twisted.

It was really cool and comfortable because you picked me up where I felt really uncomfortable.

Communication means to balance bad and stretched muscles through muscle movement and relax the body.

It's named after him.

I thought it would be really good for people who have broken their balance, growing up children, or people who don't skip meals.

The reason why I think communication therapy is really good is this!

Stretching and lymph massage are the way to use muscles that you don't use, and muscles that you use too much to relax.

It's the biggest difference from traditional massage!

Clearly, the discomfort was severe. I felt like I was contracting and almost failing to function.

An hour went by like a minute to the point where I thought I wanted to improve myself with constant care.

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