He helped me get a foot massage!
Suncheon Massage Shop Barun Thai Price and KindsI'm kindly out here.It's divided into the taimasasazi and the aromas a whole.We're going to take the one-hour course at Tai Massage.They got it as a couple.~Before the first massage,Focus on the area you want.Check the areas that need attention.I'm going to choose a natural foot bath.You can […]

Suncheon Massage Shop Barun Thai Price and Kinds

I'm kindly out here.

It's divided into the taimasasazi and the aromas a whole.

We're going to take the one-hour course at Tai Massage.

They got it as a couple.~

Before the first massage,

Focus on the area you want.

Check the areas that need attention.

I'm going to choose a natural foot bath.

You can also choose which drinks to drink after massaging.

Fill in the questionnaire.

She takes care of it while she's getting a massage.

The foot bath used in Barun Thai, 부산 마사지 Suncheon

It's a brand specializing in premium natural food products.

It's from Bascham.

High concentration premium bath water

It is famous for products with various effects.

In Barun Thai, Thai people massage you.

to make the conversation.

Massage terminology.

It's written separately.

with a brief introduction

It's like a tonic, an expression, a body part,

When you study, you get a massage.

I can ask for it comfortably.

We'll be on time.

We went to the massage room.

It's a very pretty hallway, isn't it?

I was going to change this light to color.

I thought you might feel dizzy.

I heard that you've unified the colors.

We're going to get a couple massage.

We went into the couple's room.

in the midst of busy parenting

Now that I'm here to get a massage with the groom,

No matter how much heals you,

It's beautifully decorated.

Not even this.

She looked very pretty and luxurious.
I want you to feel comfortable with the massage.

For giving me clothes like this.

We changed into comfortable clothes!

During the foot bath,

without boredom

He prepared a snack for us.

They brought me the drink I chose on the questionnaire earlier!

Cool drinks,

I'm eating a snack like this.

How happy I was.

Before I get a massage,

in order to have a foot bath

He headed to the foot bath.~

The foot bath next to the massage room.

How pretty it was:)

It must have been healing, right?

The foot bath bath is made of lavender, rosemary, and lemon.

You have a choice.

I chose lavender.

Lavender is a stable mind and body,

Stress relief, insomnia, depression relief,

It's effective in relieving tension, acne, colds, and eczema.

I think it's a good choice for those who want to mitigate this.

For us.

with rosemary bath salts

You took my foot bath.

I've got this flower-shaped decoration in the water.

It really feels like I'm traveling to Southeast Asia.

It was so good.

How long has it been since I had a massage?

With my child-rearing comrade,

We came to Suncheon Massage Shop Barun Thai.

Taking a foot bath?

It's also worth the hard work I've been working on.

When you're enjoying your foot bath like that,

The massage parlors are here.

He helped me get a foot massage!
Wash your feet briefly.

He's headed to the massage room.~
First, lie down.

I started with a prone position!

The massage terms were written like this.

The massage strength is just right.

Make it weak in the middle. Make it strong.

I didn't have to tell you at all!

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