I’m looking for a used car, and I’m gonna run
When the first snow came, the excitement was all over the past.I mean, the garbage from the sky is separate.No. Back in school, back in childhood.I remember I loved snow so much.Over the weekend, I wore a ski suit and came to the bathroom.I saw the weather forecast, and I was out all day.I have […]

When the first snow came, the excitement was all over the past.

I mean, the garbage from the sky is separate.

No. Back in school, back in childhood.

I remember I loved snow so much.

Over the weekend, I wore a ski suit and came to the bathroom.

I saw the weather forecast, and I was out all day.

I have some memories of coming in. Basic Snowman

They make enemies. They make eyes together.

He was building an igloo-like barrier to build a house.

There were times. Now that childlike innocence is in place.

It's all broken. When it snows from the sky,

How do you get to work, how do you get off work?

All right... all the negative thoughts in this way.

I'm holding it. It's just getting chilly.

I'm at a loss because I think of black ice-black.

His birthday is over and he's a year older.

It's a calculation, and I'm feeling down. I'm going to work today.

I almost slipped on it, and bad things happened.

It's happening continuously! I had a dream today.

Maybe it's just a nightmare.

You can't just be superstitious.

I've been thinking about this on my way to work today.

I'm seriously considering whether to change the bung or not.

I'm on it. What I'm riding right now is moving.

I like it because it's sleek, but in fact, I've been working on

There's a lot of boongboongs with big loading boxes.

It's about time. Among them, Ssangyong

I hear it's got a good side, but it's on my mind.

One of them was Ssangyong Korando Sports Mid-priced.

I came back after watching it in a hurry this afternoon.

That's why I couldn't do the pick myself, but my friend.

According to the place 88카 where I went after being introduced,

You were a good guide. I've met him before.

The Korando alone is a model year, so time is...

It was a little bit slow, but this is really...

It's okay, but it makes the sound come out of itself.~

And the color is black! I'm black.

Maybe because he's a mania, he's black.

I was so excited to hear that you were doing it for me.

My heart is pounding because I'm facing you like this.

It was enough!! The chrome molding is thick.

It was on the radiator grill.

There were some signs of time,

It's hard to say it's serious, and it's hard to say it.

But it's pretty well managed.

I can talk to her. Open the bonnet.

You've shown it to me, but it's kind of packed inside.

The problem of leaking or hardening.

I couldn't see it! I'm not even going to start the engine.

I've tried it. It's a unique diesel product.

The vibrations and the noise were just a little bumpy.

It wasn't that bad. at full risk

I think you could. It's secondhand, so it's completely...

It can't be exactly the same as a new car.

I don't think so. It's not this big.

I think Ssangyong Koran will also be used for sports.

Almost in the form of a truck, row one, row two, back.

The loading dock looked similar in size.

I can give it to you. The narrowest place I ever felt.

If you say it, it' Like a truck in the back.

So that we can load it for almost a few hundred kilometers.

He was with me, so instead of using the trunk,

relatively insufficient space to board

I can't help it. So, as a family car,

It's a little bit too much for a very good enough.

I thought it would be too much. Still relative

It was less than enough, getting in and out.

When you're sitting there, you're as stiff as a light car.

I didn't feel it or anything. It was okay!

I think there's going to be some personal difference.

Oh, unfortunately, there's no trip screen.

Because of the nature of my work, I have to take a lot of first-time trips

But the trip screen that you can use right away is perfect.

It wasn't installed. So that's why.

That's why I couldn't pick.

But since it's relatively reduced,

Well, for those of you who appreciate it at a low price, consider it.

I thought it would be okay to pick it up afterwards.

I'm holding it~ Other than that, I's basically driving.

maintained to the best of one's ability

It'll help you make your choice.

I see it. It feels pleasant, too!

The Auto Mission Transmission and the Handle Are Just Usable

It wasn't bad. durable leathers.

It felt like you were using it, and the location, too.

It's on the right side! The side brakes are the same.

It was next to the gearbox, and overall it was outside.

It's the same black color.

You're making the atmosphere more lively. Appearance is also important.but

The longest time actually inside.

So, if the internal configuration doesn't fit me,

The height of the dashboards is also important.

It's high. It's got a wide field of vision

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