I’d like to recommend Daejeon Aroma Massage Shop.
Hello, everyone! Christmas is already just around the corner. What do you guys do on Christmas? I'm scared of corona, so I'm going to Bangkok... That's it ^^ It's been a long time since I've been on a holiday, so I'm glad to see you. I had to work overtime for a while! Maybe that's […]

Hello, everyone! Christmas is already just around the corner. What do you guys do on Christmas? I'm scared of corona, so I'm going to Bangkok... That's it ^^ It's been a long time since I've been on a holiday, so I'm glad to see you. I had to work overtime for a while! Maybe that's why I feel like my body is getting worse. I wanted to have some time for me this Christmas, so I went to Daejeon to get my care done with aroma massage!

Vera, which I've been to, is located near Homeplus in Bongmyeong-dong, Daejeon, so you can easily visit by public transportation. The people who bring the car can park separately, so you will be able to visit comfortably.

The Aroma massage shop is open from noon to 4 a.m. and is open all year round, so I think it's really good to visit whenever I want to get a massage. However, when your phone is off, you should take note of random holidays or deadlines.

I was able to complete the temperature measurement and hand sanitation, and then I was able to fill out the visit logs.The shop was very neat and modern overall. Compared to other shops, I think you paid a lot of attention to the interior design. I can't feel the Christmas or year-end atmosphere these days, but looking at the tree at the massage shop in 대전 마사지 Daejeon, I was happy to feel Christmas for a little bit.

Aroma massage shop in Daejeon gave me a tea, but they gave me an oolong tea with a strong scent. It was really cold outside, but drinking tea made me feel warm inside. I was able to enjoy the tea deliciously because I felt the scent and taste were stronger as I drank it warm.

There was also a coffee machine for coffee and water seekers, and I strongly felt that the Aroma massage shop, which was perfectly prepared to suit your taste, was a very good service.

While drinking tea, I chose the care that I will receive this time. There were Daejeon Swedish Massage A, B, and C courses. Course A was 80,000 won for 40 minutes, course B was 100,000 won for 1 hour, and course C was 15 minutes for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

At first, I thought it was a little expensive, but after receiving the aroma massage, it was really worth the money, so I didn't think it was a waste of money!

I moved to the dressing room, and my gown was set up. There were slippers prepared as well. I thought that the luxurious setting was more entertaining than other places. I really liked Daejeon Aroma Massage Shop because it was so cool like a gown at a hotel.

The feel of the gown was so nice that when it touched the skin, it felt refreshing and soft. I changed my clothes and went to the foot bath room to take a foot bath. The Aroma Massage Shop hallway has low-light lighting, so it's more cozy than the entrance, but as expected, the passageway is positively intelligent.

The marble foot bath feels so luxurious and cool all the time. The Daejeon massage shop has a more delicate scent than other shops because it has a high-priced brand product. It feels like I'm relieved of all my worries by soaking my feet in warm water.

There was a humidifier in the room. I have severe rhinitis. In this cold winter, my nose gets stuffy. I suffer a lot. Daejeon Aroma Massage Shop has a humidifier that can take care of the humidity of the room, which is the best place to get a massage according to the temperature and humidity.

I started taking care of it and a Korean massage manager from Daejeon came in. He said hello kindly, but his smile was so beautiful that it made me feel good for no reason. His way of speaking was so soft that I thought this was a hotel. The service was so great. She gave me an aroma massage, and her hands were really good.

When I said I'm an office worker, the company staff said that my neck, shoulders, and back are not good, and they relieve me intensively, but the freshness is completely different. Especially, I don't like to get a lot of pressure, but Aroma massage manager was very good at controlling pressure, so I was able to get a cool massage without any pain or discomfort.

After the 10-minute massage, I went to the shower to wipe off the oil. Daejeon Massage Shop is like a shop that uses a lot of high-end brand products. I didn't mean to wash my hair, but as soon as I saw the product, I washed my hair and came out.^^ The shower room was as clean as I used it for the first time.

Daejeon Aroma Massage Shop towel has no pleasant smell and the softness is thick enough to absorb water faster! I was really thankful for the water you brought me so that I might get thirsty. Body lotion is really my cup of tea.
The powder room was really neat and tidy. It will be a place that women will really like! Aroma Massage Shop has all kinds of products that require disposable or skincare products, so it's set up so that you can get a massage comfortably even if you suddenly get a massage, so I really liked it.

I felt so refreshed after taking a shower and taking a shower! It came out in a good mood, but you asked me if I had any inconveniences or regrets, but I didn't feel that at all! I always listen to the feedback and fix it, so I thought Daejeon massage shop would have such high quality service and skills.

I got comfortable care where I went for healing, and when I worked the next day, I felt lighter than usual, so I could get a better grip on my work. I still remember this place. If you're looking for a good massage shop, I recommend Daejeon Aroma massage shop.

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