I visited him, and he’s gotten lighter.
Even though I was stretching and looking at my computer,My shoulders keep getting stiff.I wanted to keep myself cool.I got a massage at Yeongdeungpo 건마 Massage Feel Health Healing!​on a well-located shopping streetin a cleanlymen and women of all agesIt's good for everyone to heal.Feel Health Healing!​Massage is especially important.Depending on your skills, your satisfaction.There's […]

Even though I was stretching and looking at my computer,

My shoulders keep getting stiff.

I wanted to keep myself cool.

I got a massage at Yeongdeungpo 건마 Massage Feel Health Healing!

on a well-located shopping street

in a cleanly

men and women of all ages

It's good for everyone to heal.

Feel Health Healing!

Massage is especially important.

Depending on your skills, your satisfaction.

There's a lot of differences.

The head of the Phil Health Healing Massage.

He's very good at solving problems.

I heard the rumor and went to see you!

We have arrived.

I called a day ago and made a reservation.

He's visiting! He's got a neck like this.

I thought I couldn't. in a must-health healing.

Some bears on the shoulders of your neck.

I wanted to separate them, so I called. Haha

Thank you for your kind hospitality.

I'm having trouble with my neck and pelvis.

I told you during the consultation.

The uncomfortable areas are more meticulous.

He said he'd let me go.

It's the price tag of Feel Health Healing!

I'll give you a discount on your membership.

You can be managed at a lower price

On this day, I had Yeongdeungpo Massage Feel Health Healing.

90 minutes full body + foot care

I chose dry.

I'm a little sensitive about corona these days.

It's a quarantine facility that's been quarantined every day after day.

I could use it with confidence.

And it's actually very clean and sanitary.

It was a shop where I could feel you were paying attention.

As soon as you're informed, we've moved to the inner management room.

It has a subtle aroma scent.

Thanks to the calm music and the lighting,

From the moment you get in, until you get out.

No, come out of the light body.

I've had a good time coming home.

The dressing room is in the maintenance room.

I liked the fact that I didn't have to go back and forth.

I need you to keep the temperature warm.

It was cold outside.

It's warm in the shop.

I felt like I was relaxing.

I'm all dressed up and I'm getting my foot bath.

They're bringing it into the maintenance room.

in hot water

I'm taking a foot bath.

I'm getting tired!

I want to take a foot bath at his house.

Get water and move it;

I have to water it again.

Actually, I don't do it at home.

When I came here to get this healing massage,

I love foot baths.

You've prepared it with the foot bath.

a warm tea

You warm up your feet and drink tea.

with warmth all over one's body

It's supposed to make me feel better.

Because of the weather in winter

It seems like the tension is continuing all over my body.

The foot is the second heart!

Just because you have all the organs on your feet,

The foot is the second heart.

I've heard that a lot.

Why would I get a foot massage alone?

I don't know if it's hard to do.

Whenever I come to get a massage,

I'm going to watch it carefully and do it myself at home.

She's busy because she's tired.

I heard you were doing a good job on the massage.

Dear Mr. Phil Health Healing.

with a foot massage.

I'll ask for a recommendation.

It's an even course. Hehe.

After the foot bath.

I moved him to bed and started maintaining him.

90 minutes before proceeding.

You checked the bed temperature.

They did a check.

Sometimes it's uncomfortable.

If there's anything else you feel you need,

He asked me to tell him right away.

If there's a place you want to solve more,

I've told you, and I've always felt uncomfortable.

I've been more focused on talking to him.

As a person who's been to get a massage,

A little after the maintenance.

I was relieved.

Even if you're recommended by someone else,

I'm often disappointed.

You should actually get a massage yourself.

I know~

Yeongdeungpo Massage Feel Health Healing

Sir, I need you to be very meticulous.

My whole body is full of fatigue.

I visited him, and he's gotten lighter.

I don't know how 90 minutes goes.

It was a shame.

I had a sore throat on my neck was sore throat.

Thank you for being so light.

I just said hello.

He's a really good massager.

Yeongdeungpo Massage Feel Health Healing

Please give me a massage gift for me.~~

It's so cool.

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