I think it’s a good way to take care of myself to go to the salon often and relax.
Hello! The new year of 2021 has dawned! I hope this year will be happier than last year! I can get out of Corona, but I hope the day comes as soon as possible. There's a vaccine, but you still can't relax?! We've celebrated a quiet New Year by practicing social distancing! It was a […]

Hello! The new year of 2021 has dawned! I hope this year will be happier than last year! I can get out of Corona, but I hope the day comes as soon as possible. There's a vaccine, but you still can't relax?! We've celebrated a quiet New Year by practicing social distancing! It was a long holiday because it was a holiday. I visited the Changwon Swedish Massage Shop to relieve the fatigue that I had accumulated last year!

I visited a road shop near the Lotte Department Store in 구미 건마 Changwon. The runner was also available for free, so I was able to visit comfortably without having to worry about parking.

Changwon massage shop is open from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and is open all year round except Sunday, so if you want to get a massage, you can get it anytime by contacting in advance.

As soon as the store came in, I was able to complete the visiting log and enter after hand sanitation and temperature measurement. When Corona is very active these days, I'm careful and worried about where to visit, but the Swedish Massage Shop was very careful about prevention and prevention. I heard that they disinfect the store from time to time and that customers take good measures so that they can't get care if their body temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius.

At first, as soon as I entered Changwon Swedish Massage Shop, I really liked the scent that came from here. As soon as I smelled the scent, I realized that I'm here for healing.

The store was generally modern. The floor is made of marble, so it looks sophisticated and sensual, so many young customers visit it. Changwon massage shop had a very different atmosphere from other massage shops. There's a separate couple room, so it's a good dating course for couples to come and play with. It's healthy and has a good interior, so I think it's a good place to go to get it at least once.

The Swedish Massage Shop gave me tea, not tea bags, but tea brewed by themselves, so it tasted and smelled better than other tea. I personally enjoy tea, but it's definitely different from tea bags.^^ I heard about the program while drinking warm tea.

There were three types of massage: Changwon Thai massage, aroma massage, and Swedish massage. Thai (dry) was 50,000 won for A60 minutes, 80,000 won for B90 minutes, and aroma (wet) consisted of 560,000 won for A60 minutes, 90,000 won for B90 minutes, 90,000 won for Swedish A 70 minutes, and 120,000 won for B99 minutes. I heard waxing is possible, so I think it would be good for those who get waxing to get it with a massage.

I chose the Swedish B course because I wanted to lighten up my body for the new year. I heard it's famous for Changwon Swedish massage. At first, I felt a bit burdened because it seemed like there was a price, but after I received it, I didn't think it was a waste of money. I felt that the manager's techniques and services were worth this much.

I was shown to the changing room for maintenance. They set up a gown for me to wear in advance. The gown of the Swedish massage shop is washed well, so it feels very soft when you wear it. Even though you haven't gotten a massage yet, your body feels lighter.

There was a changing room and a shower room, but the shower room was very spacious and clean. I also liked the fact that there was a divider so I didn't feel embarrassed when I bumped into strangers.

I could feel once again that Changwon Swedish Massage Shop is very sanitary.

The towels, dryers, hair combs, skin care products, disposables, and everything I needed were neatly prepared. I didn't know what you needed, so I felt like I had everything ready. It's a Swedish massage shop that's convenient to come anytime because it's set up so that you can take care of it comfortably without worrying if you suddenly come here for a massage.

After changing into a light gown, I moved to the foot bath to get a foot bath. The foot bath was neatly decorated just like the atmosphere of the store. The Korean massage manager in Changwon came and washed my feet first. I often go to massage shops, but I always feel itchy and embarrassed. I feel good because my feet get lighter after washing up.

The Changwon Swedish Massage Manager set my favorite temperature and released the fragrant foot bath into the water. My feet were frozen because of the cold weather. I just dipped my feet in this warm water and it felt like my whole body was melting. My body was getting drowsy, but the fatigue and stress that had been dormant seemed to dissipate in foot bath water.

After a pleasant foot bath, I moved to the room for treatment. My body was even more crooked because my muscles were stiff and my posture was bad posture. The Swedish Massage Manager gave me a dry finish and loosened my bones. The rumbling sound between the bones filled the room grandly. The sound was embarrassing, but it sounded so refreshing.

You seem to have a lot of experience in taking care of yourself. I don't usually digest well, but the Changwon massage manager asked if I had enough.

I was surprised how you knew. You said it's a place where you press when you can't digest well, and you said it's a lot of clumps. It's amazing how I feel comfortable after getting a Swedish massage.

After 90 minutes of manual maintenance, I felt refreshed and light as if I had wings on my body.

On the other hand, I reflected on myself that I had to work so hard. I was so satisfied that I got good care at Changwon Massage Shop while drinking tea. I think it's a good way to take care of myself to stop by Changwon Swedish Massage Shop and relax.

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