The management of these factors for those who want to get a higher limit.
When you look for loans, you should first look for banks such as Woori Bank, KB Kookmin Bank, Hana Bank, and Shinhan Bank. The loan screening process is tricky, but the interest rate is the lowest. So today, we'll take some time to find out how to get a bank loan well and how to […]

When you look for loans, you should first look for banks such as Woori Bank, KB Kookmin Bank, Hana Bank, and Shinhan Bank. The loan screening process is tricky, but the interest rate is the lowest. So today, we'll take some time to find out how to get a bank loan well and how to get a bank loan from 1 financial sector.

Bank Loan Type
The bank is releasing various loan products. There are credit and mortgage loans depending on the loan or not, and non-face-to-face loans and door-to-door loans depending on the loan method. In addition, national welfare loans and loans for the working class run by the government can also be applied at banks.


When you get a loan from a bank, the lowest interest rate you can get a loan from is the mortgage. It's a way to set up a mortgage on assets (real estate, cars, etc.) under your name and get a loan. Mortgage loans include car mortgage loans, mortgage loans, card sales collateral loans, and deposits.

credit loan

It's a loan based on your credit. 비대면폰테크 Several factors such as credit rating, income, business period, and service period are determined after a bank review. If the loan is large, you need to visit the bank, and small loans can be borrowed from mobile non-face-to-face loans or the Internet.

a national welfare loan

There are loans for working class people who are underprivileged and low-income low-credit borrowers. Typical loan products include Saitdol loan and Saehope Hall loan. The loan screening process is challenging, but if you meet the conditions, the first thing you should know is the loan.

bank lending method

Store Loan (Branch Loan)

Visiting loans are usually divided into branch loans and headquarters loans. Store loans (branch loans) are determined by the severity of the teller who consults on bank loans. And if the bank clerk who conducted the examination organizes the documents and gets approval from the branch manager, the loan.

HQ Loan

There are loans that cannot be received only with the approval of the branch manager, for example, if the DSR (total debt repayment ratio) is more than 70%, such loans will be subject to the main branch's review. These loans are called headquarters loans, and loan applications received from all branches are reviewed by the head office examiner.

What you need to know about bank loans
As I mentioned before, when you borrow a branch, the loan window support will be determined first. Most loans are made if there are no computer problems because they are suitable for loan qualifications such as credit ratings and income, but if it is difficult to judge based on computer records, it will be decided by the banker's subjective judgment. That's why the probability of obtaining approval may vary depending on whether you have received a loan consultation or not.

Select Point

For branch loans, the results of the loan may vary depending on the tendency of the branch. This is because there are some places that are looking for deposit products, while others are actively marketing to improve their loan performance. So one of the ways to get a bank loan is to go around the same bank and sell your belongings.

bank teller

The results vary depending on what the bank staff thinks about the loan consultation. This is especially true for people who have low credit ratings or income and have difficulty lending. If you have received a loan consultation well, even if you have difficulty getting a loan, the teller persuades the head office examiner or branch manager to approve it.

The process of lending is organized into a system, but there are also factors that go from person to person. I think those of you who have lived in society or work experience will know what it feels. Therefore, it is important to get a good impression when you have a loan consultation with a bank teller.

Select bank teller

Select a desk clerk for a call

If you visit the bank, you'll get a number ticket first. When the turn comes, we get counseling where the seats are empty. However, you can choose the window staff you want when you are called or when you are pulling out a number ticket. Therefore, it is better to look at the teller who seems to fit you well in advance.

Selections by loan type of choice

Loans that frequently change, such as Internet loans, mobile emergency loans, or small business corona loans, or business loans, are easier to get counseling from younger employees. On the other hand, large loans, such as corporate investment loans or real estate PF loans, may be advantageous to seek counseling from older employees who have some experience and a higher rank.

How to get a good bank loan

Receive bank loan limits

It is difficult to get a loan from the bank as much as you want. It's because the bank measures the limit by combining various factors such as CCS grade, income, and credit rating, which are its own standards. Factors that play an important role in the limitation of loans include length of employment, property holdings, credit ratings, and income. If you want to get a higher limit on how to get a bank loan, you should take good care of these factors.

Lower bank interest rates

1Even if the lending rate in the financial sector is the lowest, it's better to lower it as much as possible. You should change banks to find out how to transfer loans, find out where you are doing events, or ask for a rate cut, and get a loan as much as you can.
Today, we looked at how to get good bank loans and tips for bank loans in 1 financial sector.

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