This week, it was cold and warm
I think he’s going back and forth
Hi!This week, it was cold and warmI think he's going back and forth.The weather is warm today, so it's almost nowFeels like spring is coming after winter!!I have a lot of inquiries about installing Sky earnings recentlyI'm having a meeting and installationI don't think I wrote a lot.I will try to raise it as soon […]

This week, it was cold and warm
I think he's going back and forth.
The weather is warm today, so it's almost now
Feels like spring is coming after winter!!
I have a lot of inquiries about installing Sky earnings recently
I'm having a meeting and installation
I don't think I wrote a lot.
I will try to raise it as soon as I have time!
Enhanced Sky Announcement Installation Complete

The reinforcement sky earnings installation is complete!
It looks good with the house!
Always installed, and then you look at the complete figure
I feel something rewarding and proud.
I'm more than happy to hang out with the house,
I feel better because I fit in as I expected.
Your client was satisfied,
A pleasant work scene, too!

a rough memory on the way

The scene is on the second floor of the house
There was no big deal,
It's a country road, so I'm on the way to the scene
I remember it wasn’t easy:)
But it's been a long time since I've been on a road
I arrived at the work site pleasantly.

Start working right away with your team after arriving at the scene

I had a meeting in advance and I saw the scene
There was no difficulty in working.
If the weather is okay, there is no problem working
Fortunately, it's not that cold,
I worked comfortably because it didn't snow or rain:)

As I mentioned above, the power house
It's a two-story building, so the work site wasn't very high
The power house is uphill
I am using a crane to make a material.
Complete the basic framework work smoothly!!

I finished the frame work.
Of course, check if it works well after completion of work!
For Sky earnings, it's semi-permanent
it is the long-used earnings used
It well sets up without mistake when installing
It's a very important part.
So, I'm not sure
I checked it carefully before construction,
the arch type sky anneal installation is completed
I checked it and checked it.

a beautifully completed arched sky-earning

reinforced power house arched sky earnings
The installation has been completed:)
The work was completed in half a day.
It's as pretty as it was originally.
The 스카이어닝 installation is completed, and the client's section map
with the method of use and management method it talks
I'm not sure you're going to be able to
I'm gonna help you with a simple consultation
I finished the day with great reward:)

We'll finish the work,
I'm gonna grab a team and a nearby pension
while resting, eating meat and eel
I finished the day:)
Always communicating with many clients and meeting
The desired function and design the optimal awning
I'm doing my best to install it.
If there's anything I'm curious about about Erning,
You can always call me
I will be a training session to help you identify:)
customizable for large windows
Construction a fixed awning

Fixed-earning construction is complete

with the clear and refreshing image of the flower shop
It's a bright series of earnings that look so good

made of high-end French imported fabric
the color does not change to the unsee or it does not fade
Please feel safe and make a choice - !

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