1 It may become difficult to get loans from the financial sector.
Last time, I looked at the types and qualifications of 1 financial car loans, and this time I prepared the conditions and comparisons of 1 financial car loans to explain in detail. I have arranged the honey tips that are well received in there, so please refer to those who want to buy a car. […]

Last time, I looked at the types and qualifications of 1 financial car loans, and this time I prepared the conditions and comparisons of 1 financial car loans to explain in detail. I have arranged the honey tips that are well received in there, so please refer to those who want to buy a car.

A Comparison of Automobile Loans in Financial Sector

share comparison

The first of the bank autorons is Shinhan Mica Loans, which is why it has the largest share of the cognitive market. However, as the problem of double loan of Autoron has increased since a year ago, the proportion of 1 financial loan loans has been slightly lowered in the overall share.

The auto loan problem means that a two-financial capital is borrowed as a collateral by using the fact that a mortgage is not caught even if a one-financial loan is received. The problem is that you are worried about side effects because you can get loans that exceed your ability to repay your debt.

target model comparison

Most of the financial auto loans can be used for passenger cars and vans, but only imported cars and private taxis can be KB Magic cars, while camping cars or motorcycles are only KB Magic cars, Shinhan Mica and our Dream Cars. Nonghyup simple autoron can only use loans to purchase new cars.

1 Financial Loan Conditions

loan limit

new car purchase

Limits are measured at a small amount of the guarantee limit and the vehicle purchase price; if you purchase a new car, the option price is also included in the vehicle purchase price. However, even if the self-purchase price is expensive, the limit of automobile loans is up to 60 million won.

purchase of used car

Like the new car, it's applied to the same loan limit. The difference is not the option price. And the maximum loan limit is 50 million won. Purchase of used cars must be purchased by a used car dealer because it does not recognize transactions between individuals and individuals.

loan of money

1 The good thing about financial loans is that they can be loaned. 2 If you have used the loan in the financial sector, you can change it to a one-financial car loan. You can lower the interest burden by converting it to a interest rate much lower than the interest rate on the two-financial loan. The loan limit includes loans and interest rates, the redemption fee, and other costs.

Seoul Guarantee Insurance Review

Bank loans can be better conditioned by selling the issue, but the terms of the 1 financial car loan are different. This is because the limit is set according to the results of the Seoul Guarantee Insurance examination, not the bank itself. So even if you check out a loan at another bank, the car loan limit is likely to be the same.

1 Interest rate on auto loans in financial sector
Automobile lending rates are also about the same as the limit (three to four percent per year) but the slight difference is that they measure interest rates with a “base rate + additional rate – preferential rate.”If you get a loan from a main bank, you can get interest rates that can lower your interest rate to up to 2%.

When receiving a preferential interest rate, it is important for workers to see a lot of salary passbook transfer results, and if they are a business operator, it is important to have the card sales amount deposited somewhere.

1 Financial Loan Period
There is no separate period of settlement and the loan period is one to ten years; the exact loan period is determined according to the loan agreement.

1 Application and tips for auto loans in financial sector

1 Documents for Auto Loan in Financial Region

The required documents for the workers should have a certificate of employment and a withholding receipt for the last two years. Businesses and pension income earners must prepare the income certificate for the last two years, and business operators need a copy of the business registration certificate. Since it is a basic document to determine whether to approve the loan, you should prepare other documents such as auto sales contracts when the loan proceeds.

credit card use

The advantages of Bank Autoron are credit card connections. If you have a main credit card company or a bank, you should use this. You can get points and cashback benefits with your 비대면폰테크 credit card and increase your card usage. You should look for and receive the terms of your financial car loan.

Compared with Discounts on Imported Car Dealers

import car dealer discount

There are imported car brands that own their own financial companies. Typically, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Import car dealers recommend their own installment financing to improve earnings, which can discount vehicle prices.

Bank Autoron and Interest Rate Comparison

Even if you have a discount on imported car dealers, you should compare it with 1 financial car loan. Bank Autoron's annual interest rate is about 3 ~ 4% on average. Based on this figure, we need to find profit and loss compared to the interest rate on the company's own installment financing.

credit rating effect

1 Financial car loans are mortgage loans based on the Seoul Guarantee Insurance Guarantee, so they do not have a significant impact on credit scores. However, the financial installment belongs to the 2 financial sector loan, which has a bad effect on the credit score. Therefore, using the financial installment can affect other loans that you have now, and the credit score will be lowered, making it difficult to get a one-financial loan.

So when you buy a car, you have to look at the first loan of a financial institution, and if you do not have a lot of profit and loss compared to dealer discounts, bank autoron is much better.If you are the first to receive a loan, I recommend a bank loan unconditionally.

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