I’m not sure why I finally found out
Hello, everyone!I've been working a lot latelyOf course, it's good to have a jobIt's hard and it's hard to get a lot of workloadI'm tired every time.It's not about fatigue, it's about severe headachesI'm getting so tired!I thought you had a cold at firstI went to the hospital, but I didn't have a coldHe said […]

Hello, everyone!
I've been working a lot lately
Of course, it's good to have a job
It's hard and it's hard to get a lot of workload
I'm tired every time.
It's not about fatigue, it's about severe headaches
I'm getting so tired!
I thought you had a cold at first
I went to the hospital, but I didn't have a cold
He said there was no obvious reason!
I thought the doctor was too tired
You said that stabilizing was the most important thing

And then, my coworker
I sit every time and I work overtime
I was tired and my head was hurting
I heard you were okay with your business trip
He introduced me to a place called Han Song-su
The location of the coworker is Ilsan
It wasn't a massage shop at Gimpo, but it was close
I'm in the car, so I'll be there soon
I could have received it!
In fact, people with severe headaches
I'm told there's a lot of people coming, so I'm not personally
I think I've had a lot of faith.
And I've been looking for a review, and it's really nice

Actually, I've been to the kimpo business massage
I've never had any effect.
It's just cool
There was nothing to say about getting better
After a while, I'm sick again
Sometimes I'm not good enough
I've been under control, and I'm not cool at all
I was sick once
But there's a scrap of articles here and there
I've seen a lot of different credentials
I've had a little confidence.

If you have a reason for headaches, you can take medication
Otherwise, it's really hard!
So I'm just trying to get a straw
I was going to visit Kimpo business massage

I looked around the shop and found that my feet
It was a big connection!
Where you went to get your room
There are no places that look so professional
Just give the foreigners a minute
I was not impressed because it was a form
There are many expectations here
I wish my headaches were gone

I'm gonna give you a foot bath
I'm going in!
I'm having a headache
I had a lot of insomnia
I feel tired and tense
I thought so, but I was soaking my feet
I feel comfortable sleeping
I felt like I was being relexed.
I'm not sure I'm gonna be here
I just thought

I was just trying to tell you
I felt a sense of relaxation in my body as a whole!
Modern people are working overtime every time like me
under stress from various factors
There are a lot of people who are having a hard time
I'm tired, too
I've got a hard time and a headache
I'm going around the kimpo business massage
I came to Ilsan, but if it was solved
I was hoping that I'd like to

And then Bed is ready for this
the bedding or the whole sanitary condition
It was very neat
It's a place where you're all over the place
If it's not clean, we can do it a little bit
But there was no such thing here
so clean and clean
I can see it being managed
I think I really liked it
Actually, before I go in, I'm gonna have a headache
I'm just feeling a little tired
I told him it was really bad
But you told me not to worry
I'm sure you've been listening to my story
It was a very satisfying service

I was lying down first
He gave me a business trip to all the faces
I've been to the Kimpo business massage
I think the difference in expertise was obvious.
where's the headache?
I'm trying to get you to hear the story
And the part you're trying to understand
I think it looked really good!
And I've been doing it all along
with the minute wearing mask
I've never had any worries about Corona since it went ahead
I could have gotten it without it

This is how the scalp
You gave me a business trip massage while pressing it
It's amazing how cool you're pushing your head
The other body part is also cool
There were sparsely--
And I've been wearing a mask lately
I had a headache worse
I went with a migraine on this day
You're gonna press your head down
cool and this pain is like a crack
I got a feeling

You've been doing a good job here and there
The whole body's organs
They say they're all connected
I've been trying to find
You pick it up exactly
It was amazing
It's so cool for you
Sometimes it hurts, but
I felt a lot of excitement because of the cool pain

You do your best to do this
He was very strong
When I went to get a massage at Gimpo
You're gonna tell me
I don't have any power in my hands and I'm not too cool
I've had a really bad experience.
But here's the pressure you're putting
It's very strong and I have to press it somewhere
You seemed to know the loose ends of the place
You call it blood?
I'm trying to untie some 출장안마 of the bits
And I'm not gonna hurt you
I think I had a lot of trust.

You gave me a massage on the leg like this
I've been wearing heels every time
My legs were swollen
I feel like I've got light legs since I got here
It could be my feeling, but I'm not swelling
and it's a little thinner-looking.
And you're gonna correct my wrong posture
You're gonna press me
I'm not sure I'm going to be able to
I think I'm in.
I've spent time and money here
and the whole body is getting a little bit more
I felt it cool and unravelling
I thought you were good to come!

I don't know if this business trip
It's important that you get it from an expert
You have a very good job and a very good career
Apart from the cool, it seems a lot
It worked well

I came home after I got this
I'm sure I'm lighter!
First of all, I'm afraid I'm tired
My headaches are gone
every time I take my pills, I don't disappear
It was a pain that lived on
I'm not sure that one business trip
in a novelty
I'm not sure why I finally found out

The shoulder part was too painful
After the business trip massage at the Hansong Water Supply System
I'm going to fly lightly

kimpo business massage

I'm sure you'll be able to keep it steady
I hope you'll feel better

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