It’s a static massage. It’s an intersection.
I registered PT at the gym in front of my house since last week.My friend recommended it so much that I tried hard.I can't even lift a piece of paper after the first day.My body is shaking and my hands are shaking.I felt like I was running out of exercise.I'm worried if I can keep […]

I registered PT at the gym in front of my house since last week.
My friend recommended it so much that I tried hard.
I can't even lift a piece of paper after the first day.
My body is shaking and my hands are shaking.
I felt like I was running out of exercise.
I'm worried if I can keep going.
I needed to recover because my body aches lasted longer than I thought.

Why don't you go to the Jeong-dong Massage?
I've been to a place you recommended.
It's hard to even walk before you visit.
My whole body was in a state of disarray, and I thought, "When did you do that?"
The days without PT classes will be gone.
You'll keep looking for this place!

I found The Trinity Spa.
It's a place with many branches 서해부마사지 all over the country.

You don't have to go far enough.
There's a lot of spots. It's a static massage.
If you're worried, I think it'll be good to find a place close to your home!

They're so sophisticated from the entrance.
This place was full of excitement even before the visit!

Most of all, there are so many different programs.
The event is so unprecedented that there's almost no price burden.
It was amazing! PT is never cheap.
It was a big financial situation here.
There was no pressure at all!

When you go inside, you'll find it's luxurious.
I can see the atmosphere.

The staff at the counter welcomed me kindly.
Help me check the fever for the Corona situation.
After, careful hand washing, and a code qr
I've been informed.

I felt like I cared a lot about hygiene.
Designated as a safe clean zone and designated as a clean zone for corona
He's keeping it.

More than anything else, the bed where many people lie down.
One bed sheet per person.
It was characterized by the fact that it was always clean.

After confirming your reservation, you can wait for a while.
I looked at the overall atmosphere in the customer chair.

ios Quality Management System Certification
There were various events going on to celebrate it.
I'm just about to get a full automatic massage, and it's just in the middle of an event.
I was lucky enough to use it without any pressure.

After confirming the reservation, I will select the program with the manager.

We had a brief conversation on the phone.
I'm also charting for a more detailed check on myself.
I heard it's the same product because you made a customized program.
It is said that satisfaction is considerable because it is tailored to individuals.

I've been ruined since I got my PT.
It's all about fatigue recovery, accordingly.
You've chosen a course where you can take care of your body care.
It also helps improve your immune system.
He recommended a full body experience.

As I moved into the room,
The products that customers used.
It's being kept.

It's not like he's just using it.
Use the right product for your customers.
It was a separate storage method.

Doesn't this look like a luxury spa?

This is the care room I took care of.
When I came into the room, I was amazed by the pleasant air.
It doesn't smell bad at all.
I couldn't feel any dampness.

There's an air purifier for each room.
I could feel that he was paying a lot of attention to air.

The beddings were very clean and neat.
White Hungarian goose pillows and
Goose-down quilt on top.
It was very luxurious!

The texture was soft, no skin irritation at all.
It's warm and cozy, and as soon as I lie down, I fall asleep.
I couldn't help it.

Bed was really special. Latex bed.
It was an electric bed that was controlled by its height.

It's controlled up and down so I don't feel uncomfortable.
It was really comfortable because you adjusted it frequently.

It is said to be popular with pregnant women because of this.

The spa gown was very soft.
It was so comfortable to wear and take off because it was so tight around my body.

It's a good sense to take care of mask storage bags, too!

Energizing programmes are not a problem.
It starts with foot care.
Using Jade, lower body, abdomen, and arms.
He relieved me of my fatigue.

It's good for blood and lymphatic circulation.
It felt like I was getting rid of my fatigue.

And the process quietly.
It was so nice to hear because you explained it.
You're feeling languid, you're relieving your fatigue.
I had a hard time walking around.
It's all solved like a lie.

When you touch the solid muscles that are clumped together,
I was so nervous about getting sick.
The areas where it hurts when you just sit still.
The manager's touch made me feel like I was lying.

I thought that's why I recommend Jeongja-dong Massage.

Please take care of the parts that need to be calibrated.
It was so refreshing because the lumps came loose.

Energizing program is over.
I feel like I've recovered from fatigue.
Maybe it's because of good blood circulation, but it's still alive.
It also helps improve immunity.
I felt like I was getting healthier.

Abdominal-slimming processes are very high frequency,
He used endmoller to take care of it.
I feel like my convex sides are slimming.
It's definitely good to get solid and use it with PT!

Besides, the long-term function hasn't been good lately.
After I got this, I had an old bowel movement.
My indigestion has also improved a lot.

He takes care of me from head to toe.
Once I went around, I had no choice but to become a regular customer.

The finish was really refreshing.
The powder room is really clean, right?
The combs are also individually packaged as sanitary combs.
I felt that I paid a lot of attention to hygiene and cleanliness.

It's good for recovering your body condition.
I'm so happy that I've only had abdominal care of my abdomen.
Monthly - PT Tuesday - Static automatic massage. Intersections like this.
I've got all the schedules.

It's a great way to take care of your health and slimming at the same time, right?

Now that I've experienced why everyone is complimenting me,
You've become an inseparable drug!

If anyone goes there, they'll fall in love.
For those of you who are uncomfortable or in need of care,
We recommend you to have a healing time at The Trinity Par

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